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The founders of FutureBook Printing, Reid and Dana Felske, hail originally from Winnipeg, Man, but the family has called Victoria, BC home for more than 20 years. This is where, back in 2007, they endeavoured to shake up the yearbook industry with FutureBook Yearbooks. Starting with a few select schools in BC, they sought to revitalize an industry that was attempting to fade away. Scouring the world for the best quality, innovations and pricing, the father and daughter team created a company that has won accolades throughout the scholastic community and has shaken up the market when it comes to pricing and service.


While yearbooks were the initial start of FutureBook, cookbooks and anniversary books were among the first books printed by Reid & Dana. Now, more than 10 years in, they have printed thousands of book orders across six countries, and continue to push creative and extraordinary ideas forward. With almost 60 years of printing experience, they share a wealth of ideas and wisdom with their reps who work alongside them.  Each member of the team is passionate, professional and resourceful. Their goal is to see creativity flourish, and to see content represented in the most thoughtful and beautiful way. 


FutureBook Printing believes in your ideas, and your vision. With our features, opportunities, service and pricing, we can make your printed dream come to life.

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Here at FutureBook Printing, we not only promise you the highest quality product in the printing industry, but also the highest quality product that is good for the environment. All of our papers and inks are Earth Friendly. FutureBook Printing is the first company to offer printing on Earth Friendly Bamboo Paper!

We were founded on beautiful Vancouver Island where some of the largest and most beautiful trees in the world reside. Therefore we do our best to protect our wonderful forests all while giving you a product you can be proud about on so many levels. With every book purchased by Futurebook we are proud to plant one tree. Since 2013 we have planted hundreds of thousands of trees and counting! So what are you waiting for? The next time you need to print something why not make a difference in the world at the same time?


FUN FACT: Did you know that bamboo is a grass and can be replenished and harvested in 2-5 years, where trees could take up to 20-50 years?





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for every book ordered, we plant one tree

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